League of Part.nerds: The Longer You Stay, the Better It Gets

The League of Part.nerds was created to recognize, celebrate and reward the employees who contribute directly to the success of our company. Ultimately, it is about returning value to those who provide, thus recognizing their important role within our engineering community.
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We’re celebrating four years since we formed Victory Square Partners. With this occasion, we want to reinforce the commitment we’ve made to our team (lovingly referred to as “Part.nerds”): to create a strong community of engineers in which value creators win. To achieve this, we constantly try to design new programs and benefits that could enhance our Part.nerds’ careers and personal lives. After four years, our efforts culminated with the League of Part.nerds initiative.

In this article, we’ll tell you what the League of Part.nerds is, what it aims to do and how it can also impact those aiming to become Part.nerds. This way, we hope you can better understand our culture and the vision we’re trying to support.

What is the League of Part.nerds?

League of Part.nerds is an internal program designed to recognize, celebrate and reward employees who contribute directly to the success of the company. While it can be viewed as a tenure program it is, in fact, so much more than that. As a company, we’re highly focused on the relationships we build and we are strong proponents of reinvesting part of the profit into our Part.nerds. Thus, League of Part.nerds is about belonging, aiming to return value to those who generated it in the first place. This approach is directly related to our commitment that “the longer you stay, the better it gets”. 

The League of Part.nerds program is created around four levels, corresponding to four different tenures: 4 years, 6 years, 8 years and 10 years. To make the levels memorable, we drew inspiration from League of Legends, the team-based game that’s popular among our Part.nerds. Thus, each category (4, 6, 8 and 10 years) is reimagined as a level with a proper name.

Level 1 (4 years): Diamond Part.nerd

Level 2 (6 years): Master Part.nerd

Level 3 (8 years): Grand Master Part.nerd

Level 4 (10 years): Challenger Part.nerd

Reaching each level comes with the recognition and solidification of the status inside the company, but also with a reward meant to provide value to our value creators. 

What does it mean to be a Diamond Part.nerd?

Diamond Part.nerds have reached level 1 in our League of Part.nerds, which means they have achieved the 4 year-milestone and have become Diamond Part.nerds. So far, since Victory Square Partners was formed 4 years ago, these are the oldest Part.nerds in our square. They are the ones who have helped us build from the ground up and take our company to where it is today. The Diamond Part.nerds of 2023 are invaluable contributors to our culture, our processes and our client relationships.

As our company will advance and gather more years under its belt, Diamond Part.nerds will become those who understand our vision and promise. They will no longer be the oldest in the company, but they will represent those part.nerds who have been with us long enough to understand the vision we’re trying to support. 

What is the value that Diamond Part.nerds win back?

To celebrate and honor the Part.nerds who have been with us for 4 years, the League of Part.nerds tenure program allows them to choose from 4 reward categories:

Diamond Family Realm: Weekend getaway with a Camper, Disneyland Paris experience, Legoland Germany experience, or Budapest Zoo experience.

Diamond Adventure Realm: Ski trip, Surf trip, Via Ferrata in the Dolomites, or Concert or Festival tickets. 

Diamond Resources Realm: Electric scooter, Last Gen Garmin Watch, Bike Voucher, or Electronics Voucher.

Diamond Luxury Realm: Jewelry from Teilor, Michelin Dinner for 2, Luxury Spa Weekend Getaway, or Collection watch.

Diamond Part.nerds can choose from the proposed rewards in each category, or they can bring up for discussion new proposals. 

In addition to the material rewards, we aim to bring value to our Diamond Part.nerds by supporting their professional and personal goals day in and day out. Focusing on our people is something we aim to do everyday, but it requires constant work and consideration. 

Our hope is that as we grow, our Part.nerds will also grow with us and that their place in the League of Part.nerds will represent a public recognition of their importance inside the company. 

What’s next for the League of Part.nerds?

So far, our oldest part.nerds have only reached level 1. We hope that they will still be within the company in 2 years time so that we can celebrate them as Master Part.nerds. Until then, we hope they will enjoy the reward they choose. To many more to come!

P.S.: We can’t wait to celebrate next year’s Diamond Part.nerds class of 2024. 

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