A part.tech,
part.networking meetup

The All-Stack Hangout meetup is a monthly tech event organized by Victory Square Partners and dedicated to engineers of all stacks. The goal of the meetup is to exchange advanced practical know-how and share valuable inter-stack experiences.

The tech side of the Hangout

Each monthly edition of the All-Stack Hangout is built around a technical presentation that tackles different technologies from the engineering spectrum, with a 360 degrees perspective over the development cycle.

Expect presentations on DevOps, Web, Mobile, the Cloud and more.

The networking side of the Stack

After the technical presentation, engineers are invited to a laid-back networking session to exchange know-how, debate approaches and entertain ideas over beverages and delicious food.

The setting? Our green garden.

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Meetup #13: Prompt Engineering: An Introduction

Meetup #13: Prompt Engineering: An Introduction

Hello Engineers of All-Stacks, After a well-deserved gap month, we're back with a new edition

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Past All-Stack Hangout Editions

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