All-Stack Hangout #9

New Kids On The SSR Block: Astro & Qwik

With the ever-increasing popularity of frameworks like Next and Nuxt, server-side rendering is back. With it also come Astro and Qwik, two new frameworks that promise to take web performance to the next level. Both frameworks include new innovative web architecture patterns, such as Astro’s component islands and Qwik’s resumability.

In our 9th edition of All-Stack Hangout, Alex Berlovan demonstrated how Astro can help engineers mix and match components from different frameworks (yes, having components from React, Vue, and Svelte on the same page can be done!) and how Qwik’s resumability pattern allows web applications to start instantly.

About the speaker

Alex Berlovan has spent almost a third of his life in software engineering, developing various user interfaces, ranging from production printers to complex web applications. While he’s well-versed as a full-stack professional, he admits to being more drawn to frontend and its challenges. When he’s not deep in his practice, Alex likes to discover the world by traveling to remote corners or exploring its digital side in video games.

About All-Stack Hangout

Our meetup is dedicated to all engineers who want to expand their knowledge, no matter the technology stack they work with. The goal of the meetup is to exchange practical tips and tricks from past projects and share valuable inter-stack experiences within the engineering community. 

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