More Than a Business.

An Engineering Coalition.

There is a shift happening. A change in the professional world where personal priorities are now valued just as much as professional priorities, and the value creators win.

We’re leading the way and creating strong, equitable partnerships from which everybody can profit.

The Industry’s Out of Tune.
Let’s Build a Better Way to Work.

Most firms in “Outsourced Product Development” (OPD) are driven by business metrics software engineers don’t care about: growth rates; customer satisfaction scores; gross margins.

While this approach isn’t bad in itself, it misses the mark. For us, success equals satisfied engineers, and that means putting people at the core of our business.

Our business is fine-tuned by our engineers’ goals and revolves around personal connections and values such as empathy, transparency, communication, and respect.

Invest and Reinvest
in Our People

We are hyper-focused on our people, our teams, and our culture. This is easy to say, but hard to get right. It takes intentionality, commitment to action, and authenticity.

From strong partnerships, we’re moving towards forming a coalition: a network of professionals who put their talents to great use and enjoy more benefits as the years go by.

In our coalition, everyone has a share of the profits we make. The end goal is to work on something we all know it’s ours. We believe that the work you put in and the results you enjoy should be equal.

Our Most Valued Product
is Our Teams

All our energy, focus, and resources are geared towards making the best possible teams and equipping them with everything they need to succeed. 

Our engineering teams are our value creators and our revenue generators. Literally. We owe our success to them and they should be valued and rewarded accordingly.

How We Build and
Support Great Teams

Marius Banici Co-founder and VP of Engineering

1. Enable Talent

We hire talented engineers with the right technical skills and, more importantly, the right attitude. We’re looking for: 


Ask questions and understand why.


Learn and try new things.


Acknowledge the value of coaching.

A growth mindset

Ask questions and understand why.


Don’t take life too seriously and enjoy the journey.

2. Create a Safe Environment

Even the most perfectly skilled and balanced team cannot succeed if the environment is not supportive.

From our experience, to create a safe environment we must:

Set regular and ongoing 1:1 time.

Understand people’s motivation and support them.

Monitor how each team member feels.

Create opportunities where team members are known personally.

3. Put People in The Right Roles

Having the right people in the right role is crucial for healthy teams.

Creating the right team for a particular engagement is an art, so we take into account technical skills and follow principles such as:

A strong leader is the most important role on a team

No teams of “1”

Teams should be a minimum of 3-4 people 

Have the right balance and mix of experience

Embedding a QA engineer is what the best teams do

Strive for a Stronger Coalition
Every Single Day.

We are far from perfect. But this is what drives us, at Victory Square Partners, each day. We will never stop reexamining how we can be better for the teams, for our people, and for our clients.

Join our coalition.
Let’s build more than a
business, together.

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