Brivo, Inc. is a DC-based smart-building company providing cloud-based access control and video surveillance products for physical security and internet of things applications.

A new challenge

In 2019, Jeff Nielsen, Brivo’s newly hired CTO, and his team were facing challenges in the areas of mobile development, automated testing frameworks, and with developing “Access”, a brand new, greenfield, product featuring a multi-platform building access interface. In all of these areas, they needed to move faster while achieving higher quality with more predictable results.

Jeff Nielsen Brivo CTO

Forming the Partnership

With a track record of successful collaborations with Romanian teams, Jeff reached out to the soon-to-be Victory Square Partners co-founders Paul Doman and Marius Banici with the idea of bringing in a new group of tech leaders to give Brivo the acceleration they needed. In response to this opportunity, Paul Doman and Marius Banici put together an exceptional group of software engineers from Timisoara, Romania and created Victory Square Partners.”

Becoming Part of the Family

With his own reputation and that of the Brivo engineering team at stake, their CTO brought on the new group as a partner to rewrite, streamline and launch a minimum viable product in two weeks. Victory Square Partners’ contribution not only allowed Brivo to launch their product sooner than expected, but nested it in a framework to make it scalable.

Full Steam Ahead

Since engaging with Victory Square Partners, Brivo has continued to solidify its dominant position in the physical security and PropTech sectors, and Brivo Access has been adopted as Brivo’s primary client interface. Working as trusted collaborators since the initial engagement, VSP has taken on new challenges working with the backend/API, embedded hardware, Smart Home, DevOps/cloud support, and UX departments.

One key element of this success is the way that Brivo has embraced the professionals from Victory Square Partners. As Nielsen states, “They feel like part of the family”. While remaining their own collective team with their own identity, they have become firmly positioned into the Brivo organizational structure; and still are consulted on key strategic decisions. This kind of partnership is part of the philosophy that has made Victory Square Partners a trusted collaborator for Brivo, and empowered them to achieve scalability.

Victory Square Partners’ expertise, dependability, and knack for collaboration have enabled Brivo to offer more services to more markets by modernizing their system of disruptive smart building products.

Brivo by the Numbers

With smart access technology that creates safer, smarter places to live, work, learn, shop, eat, worship and play, Brivo reimagines smart spaces for the modern property.


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