One of the nation’s leading durable medical equipment providers serving the hospice community and PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) programs, Capstone HME’s business model is based on operating local warehouses with local drivers to support hospice partners, meeting and exceeding all state and federal quality and safety standards, and purchasing the highest quality medical equipment from the most reliable manufacturers.

Founded more than 20 years ago, Capstone HME remains an owner-operated company; it is not owned or controlled by venture capital or private equity groups. Capstone HME works exclusively with not-for-profit hospices and is able to meet the needs of providers from the smallest to the largest with a flexible equipment roster designed both to maintain low per patient/per day costs while affording hospice clinicians the freedom to meet the needs of even the most complex end-of-life care cases.

Needing a Versatile Solution
to Complicated Process

Although Capstone already enjoyed a great reputation for getting necessary equipment to hospice providers and their patients, the off-the-shelf software that Capstone leased was not effective at satisfying the needs of their end- users.

The nature of the hospice DME sector involves several complicated layers, and the process of delivering the right equipment means dealing with specific clinical details for each patient.

Getting hospice approvals in a timely manner, connecting with the warehouses and inventory, and the need to do all of this quickly were some of the major challenges which, with the software they were using, caused frustration and delays for the end users. The need to create their own customized product began to emerge.

Connecting to the End User

Capstone is passionate about serving families dealing with the difficulties of palliative care. In the midst of their grief, as VP Justin Branch stated, “Our customers already have to handle the pain of losing their loved ones, we don’t want them to have to worry and stress about making sure they can quickly get the equipment they need. We needed a better solution for them.” With this goal of improving the process with a tailor-made software, Capstone reached out to Victory Square Partners.

Need Meets Innovation

After connecting with the leadership team at Capstone, and learning of the unique intricacies involved with their business, the Victory Square Partners team advised a “start from scratch” approach. In order to allow for the further creation of complex and specific customizations, they reasoned, a firm foundational base would be needed.

The final product needed the ongoing ability to adapt to varied approval and inventory scenarios, a feature that had not been available in their off-the-shelf solution that they were leasing. The result would be an e-commerce platform where hospice care providers could easily select equipment, get required approvals, and arrange for delivery in a graphically pleasing, easy to use, mobile-friendly web interface.

Instant Tech Department

During this engagement, the Victory Square Partners engineering team became Capstone’s de facto tech department and product development team; not only designing the product step by step, but servicing the various fixes needed on an ongoing basis. And due to solid pre-planning, the strong backbone of the software made new requests for customized features easier and faster to implement. This allowed them to insure the quality of the product before and after launch, presenting to both client and end-user a smooth and “hiccup-free” first impression; a critical requirement given the groundbreaking nature of the release.

Disrupting the Industry

Capstone, with the help of Victory Square Partners, was able to cut their third party licensing costs while providing a whole new experience for their clients. The innovative final product, customized by engineers who were dialed into the business’ specific workflow, transformed Capstone’s day to day operations, streamlined their system and integrated cleanly with clients.

With a broad approach as the basis of the platform, the team at Victory Square Partners created a better way of doing business and a new customer experience of the whole process.

Capstone succeeded not only in distinguishing itself from their competitors, but also gave hospice caregivers a more effective system, and ultimately, better care to the families they serve.


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