Since USTelecom | The Broadband Association established the Industry Tracebacks Group (ITG) in 2015, the ITG has played a central and ever-growing role in the battle against illegal robocalls.

The ITG is a collaborative effort of companies from across the wireline, wireless, VoIP and cable industries that conducts tracebacks on behalf of the communications industry.

Each day, the ITG team works collaboratively with U.S. and foreign voice service providers to combat illegal calls by tracing them to their origin.

The leadership of the ITG approached Victory Square Partners seeking to make a shift from a project-based engagement model to a fluid ongoing day-to-day model with a dedicated software engineering partner.

They decided to transition in an effort to allow their development process to accelerate and also to give them more access to the process.  To this end, the ITG invited Victory Square Partners to be that partner to manage the proprietary portal used to house their software environment.

Changing Focus

Forming the Partnership

As they began the engagement, the team at Victory Square was quickly able to address the required steps for the transition, and manage the portal with very little road map or direction.  
As the transition to the new model progressed, the carefully selected VSP engineering team began working alongside the ITG team to address the needed changes together. 

Upgrades to the software were implemented smoothly as issues arose and fixes required. One immediate change that the ITG recognized in this new approach is they felt as though they now had an “in-house” team who had the knowledge and expertise to move in step with their needs.

In a market requiring software products to perpetually evolve to compete with new innovations, VSP gave ITG the means to continue functioning at the top of their game without losing any ground as they transitioned.


The approach that Victory Square Partners took with ITG is reflective of a larger view towards client relationships.

They began the engagement with a period of unbilled hours, a practice common at VSP, who believe that offering free assistance during a period of transition frees the client to proceed into the relationship without risk and to trust in the possibility of longer-term partnering. 

The importance of integrating with an established client’s team is not lost on the engineers of VSP either, as ITG experienced them as assessing and perceiving the needs of the client as if they were their own employees.

Another advantage of this approach is the client is freed from managing an IT department, which, many times, involves specialized personnel expertise and recruiting. 

As a committed partner, Victory Square Partners can offer the best team, “custom-built” for the client’s immediate needs, but also, as a long-term partner, can facilitate the continual upgrading and development that the industry demands.

A Unique Approach

A Multi-level Successful Partnership

It’s clear in working with the VSP team that they are invested in our success as much as we are.

They feel like they are part of our team, and that is nice ... but on top of that, it’s effective.


The ITG was able to smoothly transition to the new development model, in part, due to a solid connection not only to the VSP engineers integration into their company, but also to the attentive involvement of the leadership. 

It is common for a client to feel connected with the “boots on the ground”, dealing with the normal challenges and fixes solely with the engineering team. 

But in this case, it was clear to the ITG that the management at Victory Square Partners was just as interactive in the progress and problem solving. 

As one ITG team member related, “The upper and lower level partnerships are both maintained, both dialed in.” 

The integrated, partnership-focused, trust-based methodology of Victory Square Partners, exemplified from the top down, assisted in the critical improvements that have propelled the ITG forward. 

ITG by the Numbers


Tracebacks were conducted by 100+ companies, implicating more than 10 million illegal robocalls.


of completed tracebacks result in action with nearly 70% ending with the caller terminated or warned in 2022.


offending callers kicked off the network, and terminated callers responsible for approximately 32 million daily illegal robocalls

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